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A disastrous mating of mullet and comb-over. When you see this doubly tragic combination on one head, maintain a safe distance. The man who wears this cut should be considered dangerous and delusional. If a breeze lifts long straggly strands off his shiny pate, do not laugh under any circumstances. Though he possesses few teeth, he will bite. Do not approach.
"Hey, dude, I think we should get out of here!"
"But I haven't finished my beer."
"That guy with the mullet over has been staring at your butt for the last half hour. He's coming this way!"
"Hey, did you just hear the tune from Deliverance?"
by kathcom October 21, 2011
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This occurs when Judgment Day, as predicted by a fool and his followers, passes without incident.
I wish I could go to your no-pocalypse party but since the Rapture didn't happen, I need to do my homework. Bummer!
by kathcom May 26, 2011
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When you need to go to detox to get over yourself.
" X is so full of herself, she needs to go to me-tox."
by kathcom March 05, 2010
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