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The darkened skin area around the vagina which leaves one with the impression that a muddy boot had recently trod upon it. Often called a muddy bootprint
When Tatiana fell on her ass, the muddy boot was peering out the sides of her thong. The image stalked Jonah's thoughts like an angry lumberjack.
by Pantaloon January 09, 2008
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What a gut-stick occasionally resembles after using the back door, due to the horrifying debris deposited upon it. Boots worn in the pouring rain, such as those sported by John Terry when he's slicing penalties wide and bawling his eyes out, tend to become caked in mud. So do men's members when they've been upto the apricots in shit.
Upon withdrawal his triumphant smirk faded in a heart-beat, realising as he did that his giggling stick was spattered with more filth than a pair of muddy boots.
by Dr Terry Terry May 22, 2008
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