When a really fat girl gets that brown stain around their cunt. Most likely caused by thigh rubbage.
Man, What is that brown stain?

Oh, that is the infamous Mud Cunt.
by JerryBrains May 26, 2010
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a female's vagina which is encrusted with shit because said woman wipes her ass from the back to the front
margaret's cunt was muddier than vimy ridge
Yeah she defs had a mud cunt, i threw up inside her.
by peterholbrook May 10, 2010
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What you give a girl when you go back to having vaginal sex after having anal sex.
Friend: So what happpend next?

Me: I was smashing her back doors in then I flipper her over and gave her a mud cunt.

Friend: Niiiice!
by Davide Je m'Appelle May 06, 2012
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fucking doggystyle in the butt while a girl is constipated, then guy pulls out and girl's shit drips all over her pussy (twat), then he starts banging in her vagina and there you go... mudcunt!
1.)Cherrios said, "what's up with that chic from last night?"
Raisan Bran replied, "i gave her the mud cunt."

2.)Cassandra painted a picture of mud cunt...
by tanningsalon July 07, 2011
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