A place a sandnigger usually resides. A likely target for 15,000 pounds of freedom.
Pilot 1: "Alright dude, let's do some pre-flight weapon checks. We gonna go bomb some mudhuts today."
Pilot 2: " Fuck yeah!"
by Nutsackbuttrapingfag November 20, 2014
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A very dirty black Pussy that smells of extremely bad rotten fish.
The bitches sitting behind me have disgusting mud huts. The smell of it makes my dick suck into my body
by Big Doperey March 11, 2014
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1.Name used for religion of any sort. 2.Religious building. Plural: Mudhuters, Group of religious people.

Used to describe the denial/distrust of technology/science religion takes on.

The mudhuters keep tiring to push that "god made the world" bullshit in the schools.
by Tazer_gnome April 26, 2008
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