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A white girl who dates, fucks, or married black men.
How come most mud hens are fat bleach blonds?
by kozykole May 16, 2003
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1. a minor league baseball team in toledo, ohio

2. produced detroit tigers such as c-mo, brandon inge, and joel zumaya
the toledo mud hens, aren't they the team who have won back-to-back governors' cups
by jimmy ocho y uno June 08, 2007
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An extremely unattractive female. Usually consisting of very frizzy hair, pale skin, overall dirt mcgirt look. Most likely this so called 'mudhen' will smell like ramen or instant mac n cheese. Most likely this person will also posses a kool aid stained shirt.
Guy#1: Yo Guy#2, did you see that chick over there?
Guy#2: Yeah man, she's a certifiable mudhen.
by GusnJara June 14, 2009
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A term used by fuckwit racist bigots with penis envy to describe women who date black men.
Cleetus, she called you stench mouth because she's a mud hen, she only dates negros, not handsome swamp studs likes us.
by Chris, A white Guy March 27, 2005
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