Getting shit on the back of ones testicles due to explosive diahhrea.
That Taco Bell I ate came out so fast I mudflapped it.
by W.E. Coyote August 21, 2003
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mud flaps are the lips lining the pussy, a good example of mud flaps that are easily visible would be a hot asian chicks.
her mud flaps were sdo loose and flappy they looked like a ball bag.
by dave(Dream team) January 27, 2005
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A person whose usefulness barely extends past that of a tire shroud or bug deflector.
Can't you do any right? You're a mud flap! Now get me a beer!
by Bigelow October 16, 2003
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Another word for tortilla. Mostly of the flour variety.
by B*rad August 10, 2007
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When a male puts his nut sack over a female's nose and mouth while she is sleeping and snoring, thus creating a mud flap effect, as that of a mud flap blowing in the wind against a tire.
I give my girlfriend a mud flap every night.
by funked yo motha November 27, 2010
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