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Bastardized form of the word "mukluk" which refers to a boot made from animal skin worn by Eskimos or boots of similar fashion. Yeah, this is the word Krusty uses in that particular Simpsons episode.
Krusty: Kent, the young people today, they think comedy is dirty words. It's not -- it's words that *sound* dirty, like "mukluk."
by Rob Systhine March 10, 2004
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A word that sounds dirty but really isnt.
"sherry will you uhh u want to go to the movies with me?"


"Ah muckluck
by Johny the rabit March 24, 2003
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the one who first put this word and definition forgot to mention that the word originally came from the simpsons episode where sideshow bob gets outta jail one last time and uses bart as a suicide bomb because he has hypnotized him, krusty the clown uses this word when hes talking to tv anchor kent brockman about why krusty cancelled his show his like 4th or 5th time when hes talking about how people these days watchs tupid shit like reality tv shows, and he uses muckluck as an example of somthing new and creative that was funny because it only sounds dirty...........
same as above
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A stupid male who is always screwing around with females who don't serve that kinda crap.

"Damn, she's dated alot of mucklucks."

"I wish she'd wasn't with that muckluck."

"Dude, your a muckluck."
by Seth Eypoins December 06, 2005
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