Apparently, the time of day when news concerning the death of babby is reported.
It was on the news this mroing.
by zeeroid July 16, 2009
"Mro" is an expression of lamentation, sympathy, awkwardness, or disappointment.

It functions in much the same way as "huh" or "hmm" (which mean, approximately, "I'm confused" and "I'm thinking, let's see," respectively). See examples.
Example 1.
Friend 1: Yeah, so Mr. Smith says I can't turn in those late homework assignments for credit anymore. So I'm gonna fail the class.
Friend 2: Mro. :-S

Example 2.
Friend 1: I came home early yesterday and the first thing I heard was my parents having sex.
Friend 2: Mro. :-S

Example 3.
Friend 1: John, what's that smell?
John: Um, I think it's that cheese I forgot to put away.
Friend 1: That's disgusting.
Friend 2: Mro. :-S
by amakhar April 4, 2011
Yo dog was out last night with the mro man straight murdered the block.
by 124HitMyDoor May 3, 2019