Real Madrid's actual coach.
Calls himself the special one. He is indeed specialy arrogant.
1. Mourinho: "Porqué?"

2. Mourinho: "Es um campo de batatas"
by hurrrrrdurrrrr January 21, 2012
"Don't be a mourinho lad"
by kpboyzz December 13, 2017
A very stupid manager that can't lead Manchester United to win the Premier League.
Person 1: This manager is shit!
Person 2: I know he is such a Mourinho!
Person 3: Jose's bus has lost again, lost again, lost again!
by Walter Samuel January 9, 2019
Without a doubt one of the greatest football/soccer managers in history.

Not only does he make whichever team he coaches win, he is also hilarious.
Jose Mourinho: "Yes, I am still the special one. Ask my wife if I'm special."
by starky September 23, 2007
He is Jose Mourinho
I am Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho
by Someone 00 June 1, 2022
Creating a situation so untenable at a club that showing you the door with a fat cheque and no handcuff clauses about your future suddenly becomes the only sensible option.
Pochettino is in a position where he could do a Mourinho but he probably wouldn't want to due to its loyalty to Spurs
by Ranszy October 17, 2019
An awesome dude that is always honest and is very romantic. He is my bff and will always be (hopefully). He is the best person ever!!!!!!!! I really can get mad at him but that doesnt change anything because he will always be the awesomest person to me!!!!!!!! Everyone at school likes him. By the way I am talking about Jose Mourinhos son.
Jose Mario Mourinho: whats up?
Person:I'm sad
by fatso101 May 3, 2011