1. A person that seems impossilbe to make friends with, but someone usually manages to.

2. a large american wildcat

Dude, you're friends with Matt?
That guy's a total mountain lion!

Look, a mountain lion on that ridge!"
by Lexi James April 01, 2012
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The Food Loin equivalent of mt. Dew. Generic but yummy and refreshing. Cheaper than the real thing!
I cant afford Mt.Dew...gimmie a Mountain Lion, Dude.
by Islandgirl08 August 26, 2008
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buy the domain for your diy site
50% mountain dew 50% pink lemonade, lots of ice and a squeeze of fresh lemon ideally drank out of a bendy straw

sends a tingling rush of cool refreshing bliss throughout your body
bf: hey baby can i get you something to drink?

gf: yes, get me a Mountain Lion.
by magsmen77 January 15, 2016
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