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Insult towards a montenegin (person from Montenegro), implying they are poor nigger-skinned lazy mountain dwellers which most are.
Look at that ugly mountain nigger riding the donkey up the mountains.
by Thomas April 22, 2005
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White men from the North Central Mountains of Pennsylvania. Typically have no job, car, money or other worldly possessions. Can be picked out of a crowd by their dirty camouflage coats and the cheap beer strapped to their pedal bikes (consisting of two or three wheels). These men are also likely to target large women and/or women of questionable background for extreme drunken intercourse.
A sub group of these men have recently been spotted in the flat lands of Ohio
Is that fat chick in the corner with anybody? "yes, she's with mountain nigger Bob."
by fat kid 09 March 09, 2009
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A racial slur aimed at Afghan people since Afghanistan is a country with the most mountains. It's as offensive to an afghan person just like the term sand nigger is to an Arab person.
American marine: where dem mountain niggers at so I can shoot Em.

Afghan warrior: right here you far bitch!
by Jamal2003 December 07, 2013
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