The kind of lady that makes you feel alright, especially after an honest, hard-day's work.
West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home.
by countryman November 17, 2013
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A fine woman you see at the ski lodge, usually an older snow bunny (30+)
Bro, did you see that mountain mama ? I would love to gnar on her twin peaks
by Bravebulldog May 09, 2018
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A Mountain Mama is a complex sex act that involves 2 men and 1 woman. Each man will insert their penis into the corresponding nipple hole of the woman.
While preforming a mountain mama, as John was about to ejaculate in Stacy's left breast, he screamed "TAKE ME HOME!": Bill, who was fucking stacy's right breast, replied "COUNTRY ROADS!!" and preceded to release massive amounts of semen into Stacy's nipple.
by Nigatoni August 18, 2018
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