a mother mary is another word for virginity. since mother mary was a virgin that's why it is used the way it is.
i've decided to give him my mother mary for our 5 month anniversary.
by gemi stoan February 15, 2009
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the one mother that gets revernce for something she did not do, while her son is insulted and called a fake. you guys ever realized that?
by Allyn Deimos June 5, 2007
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For those who practice safe sex and for woman who can't get enough man milk. this is a simple way for your girlfriend to recieve her daily consumption of man medicine without having to pull out early. After blowing your load in the condom, remove said profalactic. Get your girlfriend to kneel infront of you if praying to Mother Mary herself and then empty contents of condom into her mouth like a tube of toothpaste!
After blowing my load in the condom, Jane knelt infront of me and begged to have it skirted in her mouth! Dirty Bitch!
by The P Dizzle August 19, 2005
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A mismatched and potentially blasphemous term, short for "Jesus Christ, mother of Mary!", which without reflection often passes uncorrected.
A good example of how seldom people listen to themselves or others when they curse.

Could also be Mary's mother. Whomever Mary is, she should be quite worried.
Person A: "Holy crap! That bus is on fire!"
Person B: *Turns to look* "Jesus Christ, Mother of Mary!"
Person A: "...Dude, what the hell?"
by Elly-roo January 10, 2005
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An offensive phrase to use when one is under stress. It is synonymous with "Jesus Christ."
by lemonlime69 November 7, 2014
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…. Pray for us Sinners, now and at the Hour of Our Death, Amen…

… Statements made by the Silent Ruse … Guardian Angel Hope which was my Soul Mind … Guardian Angel Mary Mother of God … 666 … Satan … Trick Ruses … Ruses … Soulless People … Voices in the Silent Ruse’s Trashy Little Trampy Earth Mind

---Guardian = Protector

---04/02/07 - 04/12/07
---05/11/07 - 05/13/07 - Room 625 - The Silent Ruse’s Soul Mind came alive - 05/30/07
---"Woe to You, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the Beast with Wrath, because He knows the Time is short..Let Him who hath understanding reckon the Number of the
Beast, for it is a Human Number, Its Number is Six Hundred and Sixty Six."
---06/06/06 six six six
---Repent!! – Repent!!
---Until The End of Time
---Heaven’s a LIE --- Lacuna Coil
---For The Devil sends His Beast with Wrath…
---There is no “Matthew” , “Mark”, “Luke” and “John”
---Ruse - - - Trickery of the Mind - - - Trickery of the Soul Mind
---They were Ruses to each other and didn’t even know it - - Trick Ruses
---Soulless People
---Your Soul Mind is GOD!!!
---I can’t turn back the Hands of Time … But you’re God!!
---Damn Devil !!
---Hail Mary, Full of Grace ..
---Inkubus Sukkubus “Hell Fire” , “Lady Geneva” -- Twice the Poison of Opium and Cocaine, Twice the Damnation and Twice the Shame, Lady Geneva (Taste The Evil)
---Seven Wytches - - Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna
---Playing Chess with The Devil - - Satan
---Puppet Master - Satan is a Puppet Master
---Guardian Angel Hope
---Soul Mind Gives Guardian Angel Hope MONEY - - -
---Moneeeeyyyyy!!! -- Thank you Soul Mind
---Voice of an Angel…
---I am Guardian Angel, Mary Mother of God (Pray for us Sinners, Now and at the Hour of Our Death-Amen)…
---There is no “Guardian Angel Hope”
---Listen to me
---Your friends’ aren’t Dead…
---There’ll be no more lies - (Alice DeeJay – “No More Lies”)
---There is no Devil
---Who are you gonna believe, the voices in your head, or the real people?!???
---Shield!! Shield!!
---We should have told him “NO!!!”
---We know more about you, than you know about yourself
---My Soul Mind knows more than my Soul Mind is telling my trashy little trampy earth mind
---Seeing you running scared is worth more to me than all the money in world!!!
---Trick Ruses owes Soul Mind a Dollar
---You owe me a Dollar... Keep it... My Soul Mind shoves The Dollar down the Trick Ruses throat and gives a High 5 to The Devil!!! Satan... and The Devil gives a Thumbs Up and says “Good Job, Soul Mind!!!”
---You need to Vindicate yourself from all the Shams that you do
---You should be aShamed of yourself
---You need to Repent… Say 3 Our Fathers, 2 Hail Marys, and 1 Glory Be to the Father…3 times
---God will walk through that door and take you away to Heaven
---Watch Out!!!
---These are the Voyages…
Guardian Angel, Mary Mother of God…
by blthrskt December 9, 2009
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---These people will drive you NUTS!!!!
---These people are gonna drive me NUTS!!!
---Your Soul Mind will blink into nothingness
---“Here comes The Church of Madness” . . . Inkubus Sukkubus
---Yeah, what’s that about
---They Ran Out The Country
---They’ll be dropping off like flies . . 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14…
---It’s a Ruse World
---I’m stuck in a Ruse World . . . for the vindication process up until my Name Day!!!
---They just Ruse up the bus, Ruse up the joint. . .
---It’s a Ruse World with Trick Ruses + + Soulless People
---Ruse Voice +++ Ruse Life +++ Ruse Fate
---This That and The Other
---Keravnous - - Lightning!
---Only the Silent Ruse knows more about the Ruse World than the Trick Ruses
---Who cares!!! VINDICATED!!!
---Trick Ruses need to Vindicate themselves from all the Shams that they do!!!
---Vindication Time! ! !! ! !
---Fix this World!!! Fix this Planet!!!
---Double Meaning == == Role Playing
---Double Meaning Secret
---Schizophrenic Soul Minds
---Schizophrenic Soul Mind Games
---Paranoid Schizophrenia
---Wall of Shame
---Something went wrong
---Whose a Lunatic NOW!!!
---One Word “GREEDY” !! !! 07/07/07 -– Avaritia --
---Their Soul Minds are in HEEEEEELLLLLL!!!!!
---Pain and Torture for BLASPHEMERS!!!
---It’s Heaven and Hell - - - Dio/Black Sabbath “Heaven and Hell”
---03/18/07 - - - “It’s The Fear” - - - Within Temptation - - - “It's the Fear of the Dark
It's growing inside of me, That one day will come to life. There is no escape, Because my Faith (FATE) is Horror and Doom.
---Pisti == Faith!
---Panagia Mou, Sosona Ton Satana
---Ruse Fate + + Ruse Life + + Trashy little trampy earth path + + Trashy little trampy ruse path
---Silent Ruse Charmed the 11th Floor <<< -- PWND
---Meeting 5:30
---The 11th Floor Trick Ruses have “LOSER” stamped right on their forehead!!!
---May whatever God you be-LIE-ve in, have mercy on your Soul Minds
---Three Three Three - - - Three Three Three --- It’s always Three Three Three - - -Three Three Three - - - Three Three Three - - -
---They are Aliens from the 13th Planet <<--<<-- Trick Ruses
---You can NEVER pray to ALIENS from the 13th Planet to vindicate yourself from your own life's problems, mistakes, paranoia, Debt, etc… Trick Ruses have to Vindicate themselves with all the Shams - (everything you have done wrong) - on THIS PLANET...
---2 in the back of the head, so you know they’re DEAD!!
---That was a Trick Ruses in the Mirror
---Have a Good Nite, Buddy
---Now you do what they told ya … Now you do what they told ya … … Rage Against The Machine -- “Killing In The Name”
---Go Home, Sleep Soul Mind
---X it out - - - X’ ing out one’s memory - - - in a Ruse World
Guardian Angel, Mary Mother of God…
by blthrskt December 9, 2009
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