To move from one location to another with slickness and style.
Lets motate over hizzle.
by Sally Pally May 25, 2003
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Staying motivated and always in rotation around the hood!
As in saying “ what’s hood fam? I’m in motation”.

Or “keep it in motation....”
by Nawfilla December 27, 2021
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To move from one room to another. Or from one location to another.
Let's motate to the living room.
by KAK March 11, 2003
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The name of a motor and technology museum in little insignificant new zealand.
MOTAT could also mean "shit her pants before she could get to the toilet and had to wash out her undies with her hands in the sink"
"I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to MOTAT yesterday"
"Oh no! another MOTAT!"
by this_chick April 2, 2009
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To depart a location presumably using a motor vehicle.
Hey dude, it's gettin' late, let's motate.
by The Real Uncle Matt May 10, 2010
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