an old colonial town that previously housed some of colonial America's wealthiest white men. Today, Morristown is a diverse urban suburban town where the increasing Latino population has taken over central Speedwell Ave. As a result, white people are moving away or further out into the woods of Morristown, Black people are getting mad, and Latinos that have been here for years are getting bougie.
Morristown boasts an eclectic array of overpriced restaurants and bars, most of which named after animals (Dark Horse, Funky Monkey, the Grasshopper, the Famished Frog, etc.). Morristown also has some of the nicest housing projects this side of the Mississippi. Who knew the suburbs could be this hood?
A: "Where you from?"
B: "Morristown"
A: "Oh, you must be rich"
by Natalie Vargas December 27, 2005
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A town in new jersey, where the preppy kids double pop their collars in hopes to be mistaken for Delbarton and Pingry yuppie counterparts. And blame their troubles on the “growing diversity” when in reality, if they stopped having themselves featured in the Daily Record and Star Ledger weekly for drug busts, and drunken mistakes, then maybe someone could start taking them seriously. It isn’t that Covent Station, Morris Plains, and Morris Township are meant to keep “out” the diversity that Morristown holds…It's that no cultured person is actually willing to live next door to a prick. Nobody goes to Morris Township, Morris Plains, or Convent….we go to Morristown for the bars, the shopping, the restaurants….no one has even heard of Morris Township, Morris Plains…or Convent. If those three were so great, maybe they'd stick the highschool and all of us "trash" there.
It's morristown and WE fuckin love it because we dont hold disdain for where we're from.
by Gwendolyn Ferdinand November 13, 2005
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the town the simply has the best people, party’s, and places. the high school is the best place to be. the party’s will get you hyped for days. in town there’s qdoba (the hang out), starbucks (the meet up), and then there’s rite aid, the movie theater, and much more places. if ya live in motown you gotta go wildcats 4 life. sports are everything in morristown. softball to baseball to lacrosse to football. morristown is simply the best place to live. #motownisbetterthenyotown
yo dude you playing morristown in the game today they gonna beat you up”
by morristown April 26, 2018
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aka bbtown/hood
were white people are movin away to parsippany and people who wunt to get away from vilence done at bbtown. mostly populated by latinoz/blakz.the town wuntz to get rid of both races by makin every thang so 2008 der has been 2 murders and 3 stealings in the dangerous zone MARTIN LUTHER KING AV. were both races hang past 11 pm! drug dealers live der too but dont police noe dat! bbtown is a urban and suburban town. transportation by bbpeople: bikes,walking,runnin,mini motor cycles!
ex a: were u goin
ex b: morristown bbtown
ex a: i would go but u comin late n i dont wunna b robbed!
by fania September 1, 2008
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A place you go to for the numerous bars and restaurants. Best definition is your a single lady looking for a guy who has money to buy you a $15 martini but you really dont care how short, bald or unattractive he is.
Morristown: Wheres the bar?
by JRctw January 16, 2010
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Morristown, Ohio is an old historic town platted in 1801, it was Founder by Robert Morrison. It is located right off of Route 40 and is considered a village. It is also conveniently located about a mile from Interstate 70(exit 208).Morristown is does not feature anything to do, except once a year. This event is the one of the largest annual country music festivals in the U.S., named Jamboree In The Hills bringing in more than 100,00 fans each year.
Whoa, Morristown is really small, and has nothing to do!
by mizzkt January 27, 2011
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A medium-sized hub town with more churches than fast food places. Filled with trash and rich people who rarely see each other. A prime example of the "Bible Belt" lifestyle.
Cool guy 1: "Dude, I'm hungry, but all I can find are small, crappy churches."
Cool guy 2: "Welcome to Morristown, TN!"
by bebopcowboy December 9, 2010
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