someone who tries really hard to make me happy even if they think it’s stupid or idiotic, someone i love
Derek is acting like a moron
by madlymadds February 24, 2019
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something your dad that is disappointed in you calls you all the time
Timmy: high dad
the dad: fuck off moron
by Attack_turtlecopter September 04, 2018
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The word scientists forgot to add along with protons, electrons and neutrons, that describes how complete and utterly stupid someone is.
Me: Hey Connor want to go to the park later?
Connor: I didn't know we had a park.

Me: Connor, we've had it forever, its a block away from us.
Connor: Wow God really does exist,

Me: You know, scientists managed to discover electrons, protons and neutrons, but there is one they forgot.
Connor: What?
by Sans_Skeleton477 June 11, 2018
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