Cross between a moose and a retard, and typically thrown at less than stunning women with less than average mental capacities.
by Ruben June 07, 2003
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It is used in the hacker world to denote someone that is into the retarded type of childish cracking, such as those that ask how to hack hotmail accounts or porn sites, or plays with trojans.

Derived from the french word 'moutard' which means 'kid' but in a more negative way...sort of like a brat.

But with this spelling it's more of a retarded kind of childishness.

The proper way to say this word is with your hand bent at the wrist and slapping your chest when you say the 'moo' part, like a retard would act.
1337_hax0r_dudz0rz: duz nebody no how 2 get sum1s hotmail pass?

intelligent_person: get the hell out of here, you mootard. that isn't what real hacking is about.
by app April 09, 2006
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a slow walking tourist in NYC. a person who is prone to stopping abruptly in the middle of sidewalk. can often be found swerving aimlessly from left to right
I was rushing to get to work, when this mootard in front of me goes from a brisk walk to a dead stop. I bumped into him, spilling coffee all over myself
by Mikeyb@llz November 14, 2008
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