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1.)unknown medical problem mentioned on Dr. Octagon's album

2.)FFXI character on Valefor server, primarily served as mule of Minithin
1.) I heard you had the moosebumps.

2.) I sent the gil to moosebump!! Let go of my fucking ear!!
by sammy zipdisk January 17, 2005
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The goosebumps that occur in the moments of a man's life that are actually important, such as the end of Gladiator or Top Gun, or the moment when you find out the party will have a keg.
"Shut the fuck up bro you are a homo if you don't have moosebumps right now my little brother just killed his first fourty"
by MCarlucci April 20, 2010
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Something you DO NOT want on your nuts.

-see also Dr. Octagon
Mom, i can't was the dishes i have moosebumps.
by bibi 487 February 29, 2004
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