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The nasty, frothy, unfulfilling junk left at the bottom of a bottle of beer.
Joe: "Do you want the rest of my beer?"
Sydney: "Thanks, man"
Joe: "No problem"
Sydney: "What the hell? It's all moose piss"
by justinassk January 29, 2006
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Started off in a small town called Sudbury in Canada. started as a young teenager drinking the end of all beers ( the Moose piss) to get drunk. Now a days Moose Piss is known all around the world for borrowing money from many people and not being able to pay them back. Struggling threw life a Moose Piss must borrow money and cigarettes to go threw everyday. Stealing is also one of there hobby's witch makes all Moose Pisses snakes in the grass...

If you don't know Moose Piss is also a disease that can be handed down to you if you make contact with a Moose Piss for more than 6 hours. If you have made contact with a Moose Piss and not sure if you will catch the Moose Piss disease contact you local family doctor or any known plastic surgeon.

A Moose Piss is not harmfull unless showing aggression if you notice any aggression not to worry they are very weak and do not pack any sort of strength to be able to injure even a small child or even a rabbit or small animal.

If asked to borrow money from a Moose Piss just simply deny deny deny till he gives up or till you cannot handle his techniques in that case you simply slap him to make him cry. once crying a Moose Piss is harmless.
Kid; Hey Moose Piss got my 30$?

Moose Piss: umm no man my mom gets paid tomorrow.

2 days later..

Kid: Yo Moose Piss got my 30$ snitch?!

Moose Piss: umm no man my dad is giving me 50$ tomorrow..

.... goes on like this till the kid forgets about it or till you get upset enough to front him and beat him up witch will force him to leave town because of his habit of borrowing money when he has -50% income coming in.
by Snitch/Moose Piss Exterminator October 31, 2011
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Slang for Canadian brewery Mooshead's beer. Derived from the foul and overbearing taste of most Moosehead products.
Man are you drinking Moose Piss tonight? Gross!
by rockapoc July 11, 2009
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