Catlike creature. Has a large red ball on its head attached by a long hair. Some can fly. Some can fight. Some are lazy bastards. All say kupo.
I hope to resurrected as moogle during a different life time.
by friend of bob June 15, 2004
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Awesome, badass little fuzzy guys from Final Fantasy. They end every sentecne by saying "Kupo", kupo!
"Why does everyone want to touch my pom-pom?! Pinnochio keeps trying to touch it! Kupo!"
by SamuraiDeeperKupo(Cyrius) December 2, 2004
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cute furry little creatures with wings and a bobble on their head in every wordFinal Fantasy/word game, which is the best game series in the world.
Use the world 'kupo' at the end of sentences, usually when being friendly.

Moogles rule!
by kamì October 23, 2003
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A cow like, flying unicorn creature with an adorable red nose, said to fart glitter and urinate rainbows. The moogle's sex has been known to be very difficult to determine at times. Most of the time moogle's are very personable, happy, friendly, giving creatures with squinty little eyes; however, when angered it's eyes open wide and release a wrath of rainbow lazer beams that even a Ruger can not defeat. Only source of weakness that has been found is that from the lantern and treats of the vampire penguin.
Have you seen Mar's Moogle? He was so sweet until I kicked him, then he destroyed my empire!
by Prugertory April 21, 2019
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Called "moguri" in Japanese, a name made by combining "mogura" (mole) and "koumori" (bat). Which pretty well describes them.
by Anonymous June 9, 2003
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To be in a state of complete incapacity. Taken from the Secret of Mana game on SNES. The character 'Moogle' in the game is only capable of saying short words beginning with the letter 'p' or 'k'. E.g. 'Pu' or 'Kupi'. Similar words are often uttered when unable to form 'real' words
'I went to the pub last night and got completely moogled after I had one too many whiskies.'

Or 'I was so moogled last night'
by Prentle Frondu October 24, 2005
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A small cat like creature with small dragon/bat wings that has been in the few of the Final Fantasy games.

Moogles have had different appearances and different roles in different titles of the final fantasy games.

A moogle is a mix between these animals, a Bat (Koumori)and a Cat (Neko). This actualy describes a Moogle pretty well.

Moogles always say, Kupo at the end of sentance always say, 'Kupo'.
A Moogle from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced game, wear clothes and have different battle roles (Mog Knight, White/Black Mage, Animist, etc.)

Moogles always say Kupo at the end of sentance but also sometimes add Kupo in a different places of sentance depending on what is said.

"Hurry up, Kupo!"
"That is creepy, kupo..."
by Matthew Raizoku May 7, 2005
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