"Monties" are the Glands of Montgomery, sometimes called Montgomery Glands. They are sebaceous glands in the areola of the human nipple. During during breast feeding, these glands make oily secretions (lipoid fluid) to keep the areola and the nipple lubricated and protected from irritation caused by the baby's suckling. Hence, these glands are particularly prominent in women.

Since the Montgomery glands are more visible in women, they are commonly regarded to be a secondary sex characteristic, by men. (Yeah!) The Montgomery glands are not always visible, even in women. In some women, the Montgomery glands become raised when the nipple is sexually stimulated, similar to goose bumps on cold skin. In other women, the pigmentation of the Montgomery glands makes them more visible, at all times. Usually, pregnancy and breast feeding will make a woman's Montgomery glands more prominent. Hence, some men regard these glands instinctively as an attractive sign of fertility.

They are named after Dr. William Fetherstone Montgomery , the Irish obstetrician who first described them, in the olden days, 1797-1859. Yeah, Monty! (They let guys look at a lot of weird stuff, in the olden days, didn't they, Dad?)
"That girl's ex says she's got nubbly dark monties all over her chocolate brown areolae. When she's really hot, her monties perk up like goosebumps, makin' her look like she's really cold... weird..."

"Since my girl's been breast feeding her baby, her pink areolae got lots bigger and redder, with perky red monties all over them"

"My girl's got light brown puffy nipples, but her monties are real dark, like freckles. I like 'em that way, but she is like real embarressed and thinks that somethun is wrong with 'em... go figger..."

"My ex had permanently puffy nips, but always smooth as butter... no monties at all..."
by Casey Johns November 13, 2007
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Monti is montoxicated, again. He needs to fired, like he was from his last couple of jobs.
by Montificate August 21, 2007
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A man who is very good looking and has a very large penis. They are usually very well presented and romantic and often tall and very strong
His name must be Monty
by Gdbdhdb November 2, 2018
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A great, smart, intelligent guy, loves games, clan leader , funny but inappropriate, has a great since of humor,just awesome
by Nikki_da_queen May 17, 2019
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A man who is smart, shaped like a Greek god, and who is very, very, very sexy!!!
bianca: OMG!!! Did u just see that guy?!
raven: I know!! His name must be Monty because he certainly looks like one!
by Princetongurl2013 April 23, 2008
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A Leader Amoung His Peers. Normally Hangs With A Sqaud Of 6-10 People. A Gentlemen But Also A Ladies Man. He Can Be A Hoe, Simply Because He Always Falls For The Wrong Girls, But Isn’t Attracted To White Girls. He Has A Fondness Of Poety, Alchol, And Social Life. He’s Well Learned In Matters Of Intimacy. Excellent Stroke Game And A Pretty Big Dick. Often Tends To Chill With His Fellas, And When He’s Not With Them, He’s With A Female. All He Wants Is The Same Energy He Gives, Friendly or Intamate. Watch How Successful He Will Become. A True Diamond In The Rough.
Look At Monty, What An Excellent Guy.”
by KamikazeGuy November 26, 2018
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