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When you pin someone down, then run your Arse Crack along their nose.
This is works bet when you have just had a big arse S*it.

by Warren6983 December 07, 2006
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Something that everyone seems to want but nobody agrees on how to do.
The term monorailing is based on the struggle to establish a Washington State monorail, which had a very, very, very long history of the same. Many years of agreement that it needed to happen, but many, many, many years of discussion before it could happen.
by Julesong November 04, 2009
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Verb, "To monorail" - Sex act where two men stand facing each other with tips of erect dicks touching. One man moves his fist back and forth over both penises, from the base of his, to the base of his partner's, and so on. The fist is the monorail car, the touching dicks are the length of track.
"Dude... did you and James fuck yet?" "Naw, man. We did some monorailing, but that's about it."
by reftsh July 05, 2018
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