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a peverse sexual act involving ejaculation of semen and use of pubic hair. firstly the male pubic region is shaved, the female then begins felatio upon the male,at the point of ejaculation the male withdraws his penis from the females mouth and ejaculates semen all over her face (commonly known as a money shot) the pubic shavings are then thrown onto the semen to resemble a monkeys face!
"alright darling can i give you a monkey face?"
by Dirty stiles September 17, 2003
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Monkeyface is the result of a human's ability to grab their ears, puff out their cheeks and tilt their head to show a monkey like impression on their face! If you want to go with a cheeky monkey face then you need to be able to stick out your tongue at the same time!
Wow! That's a superb MonkeyFace that Sally just made
by MonkeyFace SEO June 04, 2013
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A person who has at least two of the following traits; Upturned nose with nostrils pointing out at the world like two empty canons. Sloped and furrowed brow. Big monkey lips, teeth, and jaw.
Shanna Collins from CBS's "Swingtown" has a classic Monkey Face.
by jlkid March 11, 2010
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The act of 'blowing' your man juice onto your ladies face, at which point you 'decorate' the said ladies mess with artfully concealed pubic hair- 'hey presto' MONKEY FACE
Not yet heard of a successful 'application' - guaranteed to get you the sack, could be used as a last 'hurrah'as in a girl you're fed up with;'Do you fancy a Monkey Face?' ...'what's that?..'I'll show you'hey presto-freedom!!
by Jabba, London August 22, 2006
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When a male shaves his genitals, ejaculates onto his partners face and throws his pubic hair onto the woman's/man's face.
"Can I monkey face you?"

"Shut up or I will monkey face you!"

"I can't believe he monkey-faced me last night."

"You got monkey-faced!"
by Boffa March 06, 2009
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a nickname for a dog with a short muzzle, such as a pug or bulldog
The pug was greeted each morning by his owner, not but his real name, Oscar, but by monkeyface.
by Susan Robb June 14, 2009
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