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Absolute mayhem and stupidity. Originated from a cross between the words monkey business and buffoonery.
"You boys stop that monkery this instant!"

After the game, the monkery that ensued was unspeakable.
by Vipossk October 20, 2004
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a punk rock band that has wailing guitars and power chords that just rock out loud
The Monkery played at the Bloomfield cafe.
by xwrdx January 16, 2007
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The process by which a previously normal person undergoes a Hollywood version of spiritual enlightenment and training. After this training (which is always set in inhospitable places, preferrably in Asia) the person comes back Chuck Norris level badass.
Batman Begins, training sequence. THAT was some serious monkery.

The 80's had a lot of monkery going on as well. Rocky IV training sequence, anything with Van Damme in it, and of course, Hard to Kill. His monkery was a coma.
by Apemorty August 08, 2006
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