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A nickname for someone called monica
There is only one real monigga

She is your nigga and will always be your nigga
Hey monigga
by thehoodbitch June 28, 2014
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the baddest motha fucker outa east b-town u fuck wit her and u get capped. even tho she only bout 5 feet tall she beat u down
Boi # 1- lets go down to B-town and scrape sum niggas
Boi # 2-hell naw man mo nigga live down ther cuz i aint finna get capped
by e-van August 01, 2004
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1. From the words "my nigga". It's a nice way of telling someone they are your nigga, without them actually knowing what the hell you're saying. They will think you just screwed up their name and are calling them Monica, with a funky ass language impediment.
Hey Monigga, get yo' fat ass over here and fetch me a beer.
by mabulok March 10, 2007
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