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The oldest kind of jokes in the book...a joke about someone's mom...usually stupid and unecessary.
"Yo momma is so fat..."
"Shut the fuck up. Mom jokes are so 10 years ago..."
by A. Babica April 16, 2006
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A lame joke, pun, or play on words that your mom would say, such as "have a nice trip, see you next fall". Does not have to be told by your mom, just has to be lame.
"Hey Trevor, have a nice trip, see you next fall! Haha!"

"Dude, that was fucking lame."

"Yeah man, that was a total mom joke."
by hawker240 October 20, 2006
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A mom joke is when someone makes a joke and laughs really hard at it but no one else does. It's pretty much PAST the "fake laugh joke" point.
Bob: Hey hey what did the kids say to the rabbi? Silly rabb-
Joe: Say another fucking mom joke and I'm gonna slit your throat.
by OMFGWTFBBQMAN December 16, 2007
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something really mild and possibly a pun, about the kids or the husband or cooking dinner every night. the most vanilla, suburban joke known to man
"i was making paul a sandwich yesterday, and its halloween soon, so i used a spooky cookie cutter to make it cute!! now it's a sandWITCH!"
"ugh, im sick of your mom jokes"
by July 03, 2017
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When a hilarious joke is told only to be followed by a lame attempt to make it funnier by useing a cheesy comparison. Usally made by a mom/mother.
P1: Why did the chicken cross the road?
P2: why?
P1: to get the the other side
Mom: Haha like a turkey
Everyone else: O_O ugh mom joke
by Cali Buckinghamshire August 17, 2010
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