Kickass beer the beats out all american crap and is much less expensive too
I drank a molson canadian and played hockey till 3am while partying out on the ice
by canadianfreak July 25, 2006
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The best thing this land has to offer.

Kick ass taste and a fair price,
often seen on commercials during a hockey game.
Canadian: Hey! you want a molson canadian?
American: yeah sure. Dam! you guys know whats good!
by Ramy poo March 3, 2012
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Person 1: Hey man this beer tastes like piss.

Person 2: Yeah, that's because it's Molson least it's better than Coors Light.
by Stanley Sachs March 30, 2008
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A pretty good cheap beer. It's not fancy, but it kicks the shit out of Labatts Blue and all those shitty American beers like Coors and Bud lite
When I'm making cash I drink Heinekens but when I'm not, I could do a lot worse than Molson Canadian
by ToastedBread July 7, 2011
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