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A popular brand of vintage-feel notebooks that come in various different types, including sketchbooks, daily planners, lined/unlined/checked pages, etc.

Its claim to fame is that famous artists and thinkers, like Van Gogh, used them.

No pretentious pseudoartist or writer would be caught dead without one.
"Ooh. You have a Moleskine! Can I see what's in it?"

"No way, man."
by El Fuckwit May 30, 2006
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a skinned mole who has been turned into a diary for a 16 year old white girl.
"Omg you have a moleskine diary!"

" skinned it myself using my ugg boots and iPhone 6+ "
by Maybe_fatal April 09, 2015
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an over-priced notepad that could be purchased elsewhere for a considerably cheaper price
Moleskines are expensive

Person 1: Wow, this dinner is so expensive!
Person 2: Yes it is, but we could have purchased 1/2 a moleskin instead if you prefer..
Person 1: No way
by Oh, him again August 04, 2011
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