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the alternative way to say "smoke a cig" that is said by people who smoke the following brands of cigarettes: marlboro reds, marlboro menthols and marlboro 27's
"hey jim, wanna go moke a nig?"

"sure dude, let's go moke a fuckin nig."
by jimorgasm September 22, 2008
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"Moking a nig" means to smoke a cigarette. it does not mean newports, which are nigarettes. you must only enjoy the finer tobacco in life to moke nigs.
Im gonna go outside so i can moke a nig.

Can we moke nigs in your car?

I love moking a nig after enjoying a bowl of marijuana.
by Garrettmotherfucking September 06, 2010
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moking a nig means to "smoke a cigarette".
it is a shorter more fun way to say the word
to be moking a nig one must be smoking one of the fallowing types of cigarettes...
marlboro menthols, reds, 27's, camel wides, filters, menthol, american spirit menthol, and non, and last but not least newport.
moking a nig is basically just slang for smoking a cigarette these days.
hey jim would you like to go moke a nig?

zach you would never beleive how bad i burned myself while moking a nig!!

mike were you just moking a nig?

whoa dang chris that was the best nig I've ever moked!!

i can't wait until school is over so i can moke a nig!

moking a nig is so much better after you eat.
by daryn goff September 12, 2008
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