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Ethnic Australian corruption of wordmate/word, meaning "general word you call anyone when you can't be fucked saying their name."
Good one, moit.
by bobby March 13, 2003
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Used by chavs as a way of saying "To fuck someone up."

(To cause severe physical damage to another person)
Don't talk shit about my mum or you're gonna get fuckin moited mate

Last night my bro got moited at the park by some weed smokers
by DAVE THE MOITER August 04, 2018
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A term used between australian males when you cant be fucked saying there name often used between friends

usually accompanied by a self dacking or as a greeting

pull your pants up moit....

mate ranga gday dack double dack
by aussie mate3214 May 28, 2009
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Austrailian slang for mate....for lazy people
Where are you going, moit?
by WELPWELPY November 21, 2016
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to be moi't is to be damp or wet... its anabbreviation of moist. this aboriginal chick (this is in townsville, australia) was all drunk and she was yellin out "hey , you boys over there, you makin me all moi't!"
my pants are all moi't from the hose
by nathan March 21, 2005
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