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To continually jump up and down in first person shooter games to avoid enemy attack in
In Battlefield 2-"You bunny hopping newb, you only killed me because you're jumping around like a pansy!"
by Cameron S. Murphy October 12, 2005
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a method of gaining speed in First person shooters. Often confused with "hacks"
The scout bunnyhopped his ass around badlands. Grabbed that flag. And bunnyhopped is ass back to cap that shizzle.
by 1337 h4x0|2 September 01, 2002
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To make pull your bike into the air so that neither wheel is touching the ground. Used extensively in trials. Also used during mountain biking to avoid obstacles in the trail and similarly by road cyclists (with care).
I was right behind Jesse when he bunny hopped a snake. Unfortunately for the snake I didn't have enough time to avoid it.
by mikwat May 22, 2004
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The act of going from dude to dude at parties and get-togethers and only going as far as cuddling/closed-mouth kisses. Confuses the male/female who is being bunny-hopped, giving the impression hooking up will soon be initiated. But the bunny hoppress simply leaves...usually to get another beer or find something more interesting to do. Not as severe as a slut.
"Dude, Jessie hooked up with Sam last weekend!"

"Nah man she was just bunny hopping the fuck out of that party."


"Sophie wants my dick soo bad man."

"Naaaa you just got bunny hopped."
by Peaceoutdarfur December 26, 2011
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To jump around continually, thus lessening the friction between your feet and the ground. Because air friction does not exist, you can build up your velocity this way, and reach unparalleled speeds.
I bunny hopped all the way to the quad!
by Dr Ian April 10, 2003
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To be high in the RPM range and rev your engine making your car lift in acceleration then drop when you let off. when repeated continually at a rapid pace it appears the car is hopping like a bunny. Females can relate this to riding a dick which makes them easier especially in a SVTF. Created by two white boys in the 'Couve, Washington. It is their move and get some every night in the back seat of the Focus together...but not with eachother duh.
Bree: Bunny hop Tyler Bunny hop I'm so pathetic it turns me on when your car does stuff cuz im 19 and dont have my license yet.
Tyler: Ok but you gotta share with my *looks around* nigga Phillipe'.
Bree: Well ok but I'll need half a beer and to let my parents know that I'll be home by 9:30 on spring break.
Tyler: Wow you're gay.
Treyvon: lets do it in the pulsar!!!!
Brii: NO...
Treyvon: But it kinda runs now I just completely rebuilt a $600 car that i WON in an auction at my skills center. Even though it was completely rebuilt the year before by 1st year auto students.

Bree: Yeah I may be retarded but even I know when to say no to moldy cars.
Treyvon: I thought being black made it easier to get white girls.
Phil: Not when you're a fag that will only work at KFC for the rest of your life.
Tyler: Wow what if someone put this on Urban Dictionary that would be pretty long.
Phil: Yeah you think anybody would still be reading all the way down here.
Tyler: Only if theyre Treyvonn and have nothing else to do on a Saturday night but read retarded Urban Dictionary words that already have 2 pages of definitions.
by Focus Man 48 March 27, 2010
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IS a Dance That Say's Slide ,Pop,Lean,Rock Every Body Stop NOW DO THE BUNNY hop , THE ONLY THING YOU DO IS HOP FROM SIDE TO SIDE
TETE can do the bunny hop good.
by 518 July 23, 2006
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