When I was 17 years old I was heartbroken by my girlfriend. I made up my mind and at 17 went M.O.B. I am now 31 years old and wouldn't change it for anything. Bitches cheat and their men don't even notice. How worthless. Fuck a bitch I'm all about my cash.
by A Westside Whiteboy April 21, 2011
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Term used in video games, specifically MMORPGs and MUDs, to describe a non-player character capable of engaging in combat. Short for "Mobile Object." Despite originally defining a group of angry people, in these games it describes a single angry character. I guess "enemy" or "target" or "that fucker over there" were too many syllables.
"I aggro'd that level 70 mob and he ruined my shit."

"Rogue sap right mob, Mage sheep left, and focus fire on the elite mob."
by Engei May 28, 2007
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A member of a Blood Gang, also a name of a Blood Gang Set, member of the Mafia.
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
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When I was 17 I broke up with a girl and my feelings were hurt pretty bad. I made a pact with myself when I was 17 I am going to be M.O.B. for life. I'm 31 now and haven't changed a thing. To many people cheat these days anyways I see all the time. Fuck Bitches Love the Cash. We puttin' cash over ass each and everyday.
by A Westside Whiteboy April 22, 2011
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