another word for smokeing weed
Do & Gwakz aren’t landing shit right now at the skatepark cuz they have been moagin since 9am.
by Do Or Die 666 August 13, 2019
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A short, ginger creep who stays in his house all day shoving boiled eggs in his ass
"Look at that guy, I bet he's a moag"
by Falopia675 November 01, 2015
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The ganj. (It can be used as a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, or an interjection)
Ex 1: Hey Joe said he just picked up some moag! Well I guess it's time to moag it down then!

Ex 2: Hey could you help me find some moag? I accidentally robbed all of my moag dealers.

Ex 3: Wow this moag smells moagtastic! I can't wait to moag it all with my friends!
by Beangotthatdefinition October 25, 2018
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