The traditional sound someone makes when they are gagged.
"No, don't put that tape on my--MMPH!"
by Cheesenuggets June 26, 2007
(~mm~ff) - descriptive word which relates to the feeling one gets while the alarm clock is ringing on a monday morning after a heavy drunk night out, when that person knows they have to be at work/school in 5 minutes but still wants to sleep more.
"Get up!!"
by Anubis169 January 19, 2007
1. A sound you make when shoving around 2. Some random hop in nipponsei 3. some idiot in #rori-games and #hf-network
timestamp removed <+mmph> ...XD
by me. February 17, 2005
he who takes pride in being one of the earliest to get the full vers of mahou sensei negima's op/ed themes, and becomes a nipponsei hop because of that
he's kb-ing ppl randomly!! o.o
by nixie February 17, 2005
Acronym for Makes Me Pretty Happy, or Makes (someone whose name starts with an M such as Matty) Pretty Happy.
I love being outside at night when it's the perfect temperature.
by D Goody November 18, 2009
The sound one produces when responding in a sarcastic and or cynic way. Usually used as disagreeing sound or a sound made out of skepticism and or dissaprovment.

Despite the sound having a negative connotation. It can also be used as a sound that agrees.
"Well she ate the last the cookie and didnt offer anyone else one"

"Mmph, she would do that considering how big and selfish she is"

"Like all the time she washed the laundry, like all the time she cooks and clean."

by Mizza R April 18, 2009
Adjective: A word used to show disgust or disappointment in an object/action performed by someone.
Look at how that kid eats! So unmannered! Mmph mmph!
by Extra Extra February 17, 2020