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Usually are born with brown or green eyes. Has a big ass, which comes naturally. Witty, clever, very sarcastic. Usually are very very beautiful inside and out. Don't realize that they are beautiful, but others see it right off the bat. But they honestly do not care what others think. Very athletic. A great friend. Has a beautiful body. Someone to keep around.
Dang! Those mixed girls have the prettiest eyes!
I know! And have you seen that ass!?
by weareallbeautiful768 June 06, 2015
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Mixed girls are girls mixed with 2 or more races. They tend to be very beautiful. They have great physical features as well as mental features. They are hard working and put up with a lot of crap. If you have a mixed girl friend she you might see these types of things in her personality; Confidence, loyalty, loudness, sweetness, respect, kindness,loving, lots of energy (depending on age), Loves to be busy, chill, fun, humorous, (sometimes a bit) bossy, smart, athletic, loves the music and dancing, and in her right mind/responsible(a lot of the time). Mixed Girls are really fun to have as friends. They tend to get "bullied" (harassed) by other girls of one race usually black or white because of their beauty, how guys are more attracted to them, or just the plain out thing of "she's different I wanna be like her" jealousy. If you stick up for a mixed girl she most likely will stand by you as well. One thing to watch out for is they usually wear their heart on their sleeve (unless is comes to guys) and speak their mind. EX. if a mixed girl doesn't like you and she thinks you are annoying you will probably find out shortly.
Any Mix Example
Girl to friend- "OMG Jamie do you see the new girl she's beautiful what race is she?"
Guy to friend- "Boi do you see that group of mixed girls over there dang they are fine."
Black and White Mix Example

Person-"OMG Lailah your hair is so curly and amazing, is it natural, OMG your beautiful, and your tan, how?"
Mixed Girl-"I'm mixed black and white if that answers your questions and thank you."
by boldy.sassy.mixedchick.15 April 02, 2017
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