when you out dangling and have no weapon so you fake like you have one to avoid getting smoked.
Me: Im finna go to the store right fast joe

Joe: you better pump fake on yo way there i heard gd nem out ridin
Me : Ight check leave the front door unlocked
by chesifoeoutwest290 May 22, 2019
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when getting your female partner from behind, you pull out and spit on her back giving the illusion that you just "came" on her back, and when she turns around...BAM, you shoot your load in her face.
i totally pump faked my lady last night...but sadly it hit her in the eye...and now she is a cyclops
by Jordan T. Reed January 27, 2004
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To hold the blunt or joint in such a manner to where it looks to a fellow smoker as if you are attempting to pass it when in fact you are not.
Tyson goes to accept the blunt from Shane, and Shane quickly pulls it back to smoke. "I thought you were passing it," says Tyson. "Yeah, you really bit on that pump fake," Shane replies.
by carterthekid December 19, 2007
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This sounds similar to the "gimp pirate" in which you do the above and after you come in her eye you kick her in the shin. Leaving her with her hand over her eye hopping on one leg... like a gimp pirate.
when I asked the guy who told me this if hed ever done it his response was "I never did it to my girlfriend," uhh realllly classy James...
by never been a gimp pirate January 30, 2004
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When a guy comes close to getting a girl in bed but she backs out at the last second.
by Bryon Daniels August 29, 2005
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a girl that looks awesome from a distance but terrible up close
dude, that chick is a total pump fake
by kyle March 25, 2005
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When you start to jack a dude off, and before he cums you stop and leave. This is a more vindictive form of a cock tease
A well meaning, but intoxicated Trixie takes Chad home from the bar. Things start to get nasty. She puts her hand down his pants and starts to jerk him off. Something causes her to stop, either revenge or her conscience, and she walks away. He says, "It's not cool to pump fake me like that."
by eTwice May 25, 2009
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