A misto is a "cafe americano(which is a shot of espresso served over hot water)," with steamed milk on top. Not to be confused with a cafe au lait, which is drip coffee with steamed milk on top.
Customer: "I'd like a misto to go."
Barista: "We don't have those."
Customer: "Can you make me an Americano?"
Barista: "Yes."
Customer: "Can you put some steamed milk on top?"
Barista: "Sure."
Customer: "Than you can make me a misto..."
by CE NYC December 2, 2010
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A type of coffee drink made with steamed milk and coffee instead of espresso. Similar to a latté, only less intense.
You can customize a misto in the same ways you can alter an espresso drink.
by tony s. March 10, 2004
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An americano is just espresso shots with hot water, and misto simply refers to steamed milk. The drink is made up of equal parts of each, and at Starbucks topped with foam.
My favourite espresso based beverage is an Americano-Misto.
by baristagirl February 10, 2015
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Someone or something that is dank, used for males
Person 1: my cat is such a misto
Person 2: I agree
by I_LoveTeal13 June 13, 2021
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A foot fungus that is not treatable.
Hey man you look like you have Mistoe!
by Yourlocalbarista March 7, 2019
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Italic-Americana(Of Italian-American Origins). Phrase meaning "Mixed blood". Both of Italian ethnic group and another. Most commonly between Italians and Blacks. this ethnic group is small but growing in the cities like New York, Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans. Not to be mistaken for "Creole." This is entirly different.

Did you see Maria's new boyfriend?, Eh? oh the sangue misto boy? He's a cutie.
by Benito F.P. July 15, 2006
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