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The golden rule. To do onto other as they have done onto you, multiplied. If someone is being a douchebag to you, you become an even bigger douchebag right back to them. Same with kindness.
She's been a real bitch to me. So I mirrorballed her and she totally didn't like it haha
by TheRagingDemon February 23, 2011
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An intense and physical game that involves four basic talents of:

The Essentials:
-Objective- To throw the football into one of the three goals.

-People- 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, 2 vs. 2, etc.

-Equipment- GOAL 1:One crate or crate-esque box (opening facing offense placed 7 feet away from the peak of 'The Arc'). GOAL 2:One trash can (opening facing offense placed slanted and leaning on the crate or crate-esque box). GOAL 3:One litter box or cooler or litterbox-esque or cooler-esque box (placed opening up anywhere at least ten feet behind the trash can). One stick to create 'The Arc'. One football.

-Rules- *Cannot penetrate 'The Arc'. If 'The Arc' is penetrated, then the other player(s) get ONE free shot from the peak of 'The Arc'.
*Offense can only throw underhand
*Contact is allowed (eg. pushing, shoving, etc., or full out killing if wanted)
*Fumbles are referred as a 'fumblerooski' and if recovered, the recoverer gets one turn
*One turn consists of minimum of 1 goal attempt and maximum of 3 goal scorings.
*No cheap over the head lobs. Through the legs is encouraged.
*Natural Boundaries determine out of play
*Play until bored, tired, or 7

-Scoring- GOAL 1(crate/crate-esque box)= 1pt.
GOAL 2(Leaning trash can)= 2 pts.
GOAL 3(litter box or cooler or litterbox-esque or cooler-esque box)= 3 pts. if ball lands inside then bounces out. 4pts./Wins the game if ball lands and stays in the box

**Make jerseys, have fun**
There is no wax-on wax-off about Mirror Ball. You learn by doing.
by PeteandAustin August 16, 2006
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when you are so fat or your balls are so small you have to look in the miror to see them
Dylan:Jesus man you weigh like 300 pounds you must have mirror balls!
Fatty:Wtf are mirror balls??
Dylan:go look on urbandictionary jackass!
Fatty:screw you bitch!
by Dylowned June 01, 2005
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