Nostalgic and tiny little car that amazes in aesthetics and performance handling characterisitc. Very noticeable. Has its own niche of drivers. Diverse and close community. Will not be suprising to see MINI driver acknowledge each other with waves, honks, yells, thumbs up, etc. Also has quite a decent space inside, think of it as a spacious coupe. Can fit 3 golf bags, 3 pairs of golf shoes, 1 pull cart, 3 lunches, and 3 humans. OR 3 170 lbs+ humans, their laundry, bags, and a regular sized guitar. Amazing little car manufactured by BMW AG sold as its own branch.
"What is the smallest car on the American roads?" Ans. MINI!

btw i drive one, i know how it feels.

lets motor
by jckoopas May 11, 2005
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More like a little run around R.C. car than a $20,000 midget-mobile. You could sell those things at radio shack for gods sake.
"Did you charge the batteries on that R.C. car Bob? Oh wait no, sorry thats just the Cooper."
by NateK July 10, 2005
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The biggest piece of shit car ever. Designed by BMW and made by a bunch of drunk brittish fuckheads, this car is sure to cost you way too much money and suck the life out of you.
My 2002 mini cooper s is a piece of dogfuck.
by jovato May 15, 2003
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A nice vehicle designed by BMW. Sure to add a bit of difference to the bland car scene.
by xtc August 4, 2003
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Large small car with no space inside. Poor performing transmission allows tandems to overtake and holds up traffic whilst guzzling petrol. Usually driven by someone without a clue (that nicer cars exist, or how to drive)
"Wasn't that a Mini Cooper S we just passed" - one tandem rider to another
by Gav August 5, 2003
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