that seagull was standing on one foot, they be lookin’ like a mingo.
by bel! November 19, 2020
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an operation where a group of minks strategically sneak into the city and kill women to make purses, coats, etc for glamorous under water lake socials.
The A-team got word that a possible mingo might be going down at midnight Friday.
by Ryan Goat cheese March 15, 2007
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the best word ever. often used to fill empty silences, or to piss off mr. austin.
colleen: guess what i'm going to say...
kim: mmmmmmmmmingo.
by egyptiandancer November 20, 2004
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"if only i hadn't hit onto my ex's best friend..."

"come on man, don't be a mingos - it was clearly her 2nd best friend"
by aperfectquett September 23, 2007
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A sophsticated term to describe a hoar or a whore, or a slut, or a hoe, or a sket, or a skank, etc.
Jenny: "I had sex with your boyfriend last night."
Meera then proceeds to slap the life out of Jenny.
by xShmizzle May 31, 2011
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Covert word for black person. Used a lot in Northeast Ohio after the Cleveland Browns selected Barkevious Mingo in the 2013 draft.
"Damn, I don't feel safe with all these mingos around."
"I ain't going to that hip hop concert, it's fuckin' full of mingos!"
by DonE May 19, 2013
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A person that wears a generous amount of pink all the time.
I got her a black top for christmas and she never wears it, shes mingo as.
by December 26, 2008
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