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Minecraftcito (also known as Despacito 3) a work of art from the youtuber ReptileLegitgaming it tells the story of minecraft! not only that but also the universe is gives us a eye to the future ruled under communism ruled by Notch, a perfect world a world were Ninja isnt dead (R.I.P Ninja) a world of peace amen
Guy 1: Minecraftcito

Guy 2: This is so sad alexa read mein Kampf
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by Ali a (But the real one) August 06, 2018
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Literally the best song in the entire universe, and nothing could possibly beat it except maybe Africa By Toto
Minecraftcito is a pretty good song
by Look I realy dontr aweiopdnwio January 29, 2019
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