mind sex (n.) (v.)— 1. The act of two people exchanging aspects of eachother's intellects—thoughts, perception, memory, emotion, will; imagination—far beyond a superficial level, executed through conversation. It is often characterized by intimacy, closeness, and exclusivity between the two persons. 2. To intellectually penetrate (or enter into) one’s mind/thoughts as if in sexual intercourse. 3. The mental version of sexual intercourse.
(n.) When an evolutionist and an archeologist convene, a long session of mind sex is sure to occur.

(v.) Once she found out that I believed in the bible too, we stayed up all night having mind sex about the scriptures.
by Splyce May 10, 2010
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we can roll some weed, play some records and talk
i got a fly spot, downtown brooklyn new york
now i know you think i wanna fuck. no doubt,
but tonight we'll try a different route.
how 'bout we start with a salad, a fresh bed of lettuce with crutons
later we can play a game of chess, on the futon.
see i don't gotta get in your blouse;
it's your eye contact that be getting me aroused.
It's time for some mind sex,
we don't gotta take our clothes off yet
we can burn the incense
and just chat
i got the good vibrations
before me make love let's have a good conversation
-Mind Sex, Dead Prez
by theGreatChe December 8, 2010
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intense eye contact between two persons where they both simultaniously think dirty thoughts about what they would do together. While it can eventually lead to sex, no physical contact is involved
Two girls walk past a hot guy, one makes and holds eye contact with the guy till he passes
Girl 1: I totally just had mind sex with that guy
Girl 2: I'm surprised you two didn't leap on each other
by exact_science October 22, 2006
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an evolved word of mind fuck which basically means the same but on a higher degree of fucked upness. This happens when someone states something that is either shocking, surprising or of the unordinary
resulting in mind sex (majnd seks) or "Cerebrum Coitus" in scientific terms.
guy 1: hey man, in Hungary potatoes are perfectly smooth.
guy 2: Really !? that`s mind sex bro..
by Humble malteser November 29, 2015
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Often referred to as "brain licking," made popular by Bring The Pain, by Mindless Self Indulgence, where they said "I'm gonna lick out your brain." The act of oral mind sex is similar to the act of regular oral sex, involving using the mouth to sexually stimulate a partners mind. This form of oral sex is more multi-partner friendly, however the one receiving oral mind sex should mentally create a mind condom to help prevent the spread of MTD (Mentally Transmitted Diseases).
Oh my gosh, I can't believe Johnny gave Devi oral mind sex!!@ That is so wrong...
by Eddie the cool kid August 27, 2006
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