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Ok, Im going to be frank, Minase can mean literally anything as long as you use it at an appropriate time. Its mostly used as an expression for blowing your load all over a girls face. Or just sex in general.
1.MINASE!!!!!!!!(Followed by busting a nut on her face)
2. Yo dude I minased this chick last night
3. Yo man this game is minase
4.8============) Minase!!!
6.This pizza is really minase
by Minase April 21, 2006
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The term minase is used when you have saved up your load for about 6 months and then blow it all over a girls face while taking part in any sort of sexual act.
"I met this chick at a party last night, I took her back to my place and I totally minased her"
by Minase April 24, 2006
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