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A puckering of the lips or mouth.
Mimp before you kiss my ass!
by JHHWILD January 31, 2004
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Like a P.I.M.P (Prostitute In My Possession.)

M.I.M.P is a woman with Men In My Possession. She easily persuades, or cunningly outsmarts the opposite sex (or same sex) into doing her dirty work, or being her sex slave. Basically the "Boss." Warning: This bitch is usually crazy as fuck, and will show up 9 months later with your, "No Strings Attached" child..
The M.I.M.P is usually spotted by saying or doing one of three things.
1: "We can be friends, no strings attached."
2: "Don't Fall in Love with me."
3: Stares at you during your "first kiss," run!
by LateNiteDiarrheaBitches December 30, 2010
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Musical IMProviser

A musician, usually keyboardist, who improvises music to support improv theater performances.
The mimp played a wide variety of tunes for that "Sing about it!" scene.
by December 07, 2012
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PimpA pimp exclusivley pimping
Milfs he/she may also pimp all kinds of other beings but specializes in the pimping of Milfs
Horny Crackhead:"Yo man! Do u know where i can find some1 who knows alot about crazy old hoes!"
Mimp:"Just check out Mimp Inc. or your friendly neighbourhood Mimp call 1-900-MIMPMYASS for a Mimp near you!"
by Jim Steele December 07, 2003
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Mimps! How dare you consort with randy humans without my permission?
by Octopod November 08, 2003
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Pimp for masseuses.
John: I good really used a good massage. I am so tense.
Ben the Mimp: I can swing you in at 1:10 with monster hands Caleb.
by Doc Dave January 12, 2012
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