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Millay is someone you will never feel complete without after you meet them. Although it's hard to get her to this point, she can be very moody and speaks her mind. It Is a quality that is only use towards people she loves in her life. If she does not care for you, then she will not give you her input. She is loving, kind hearted, giving, very to herself, but the moment you meet her she is extremely friendly and you'll never want to be apart from her again. She has these big brown eyes that light up when she talks on a subject she is passionate about. Has this infectious laugh, an amazing smile, that when you see it, you'll hope she never stops. When she cares, she cares deeply, and when she wraps her arms around you, she'll make you feel at home. She changes the meaning of home from a place, to a person. And when you fall for her it just seems so natural. As though she was meant to be apart of your life. You would do anything to keep this girl in your life and would put aside any of your needs to please her in any way. Her love is everlasting. No matter how long you've known her it'll feel like the first day you met her. Butterflies in your stomach all over again.
by Lul bri September 15, 2017
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