Popular Mexican anti-gay slur. When you get fucked in the ass so much and have so many guys shoot their loads in there that you shit "milk."
Donald Trump is such a milk shitter.
by SuperGlue August 12, 2015
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A white person who publicly talks a lot of shit (fighting words, accusations, trash talks, belittles, etc) and then gets confronted in an extreme fashion for said shit talking.

The individual then proceeds to panic at the unexpected retaliation and cowards for protection in any and all forms possible. The individual may also literally shit their pants
Person 1: Yo homie, Donald Trump was talking shit on Mexicans until El Chapo said he'll kill him so The Donald called the FBI
Person 2: no way, what a milk shitter
by mrmpg August 08, 2015
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Endearing term for cowardly, racist Republican Presidential candidate with hair resembling a stuffed guinea pig.
"Keep fucking around and I’m gonna make you swallow your bitch words, you fucking whitey, milkshitter"
by pix-el August 03, 2015
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A person that frequently has unprotected anal sex to the point that they shit white(semen).

Also used in some cases to describe someone of great privilege.
For example:

Person one: Hey dude, should i invite John to the party?

Person two: No man Johns a homo milk shitter.

Person one: Yah but if he comes so will the girl.

Person two: Fuck it invite him but tell him to stay away from my ass.
by BlacknBlue August 29, 2015
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