they went looking for weapons of mass destruction in 2001, that Colin Powell's military intelligence said were there. as a result there are 150k dead civillians, around 12k dead soldiers and 25k wounded, as a direct result of the wars forced on Iraq and Afghanistan. He need have looked no further than any American Utah or Israel.
by Hedley Clubnobber September 27, 2006
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The mother of all oxymorons. Also the excuse that Republican presidents use to perpetrate such "just wars" as the current war on Iraq.
"Military intelligence" tells us that whichever country next chooses to oppose the USA is deserving of supreme vengeance.
by Ophelia Desdemona May 2, 2005
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an excuse for moving into another country so you can take theyer oil without bein called a empire building loonytick

see wordgeorge bush/word
military inteligence tells us that...are a thret so we have to kill them and take theyer land and theyer oil valuable oil
by bob September 27, 2003
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Full of a bunch of lego city cops with massive egos.
Did you hear that the MILITARY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE put Connor on administrative leave again?
by Rouge MNG Private November 18, 2020