to describe a mother of children as hot. similar to its early 90s cousin babealicious milfalicious is used on the occasion where the hot female is a milf
wow.. shes hot
"oh laura yeah, shes got a couple of kids now"
mmm.. milfalicious
by kingarthur83rd August 31, 2007
MILF · a ·li·cious

A mother who looks damn good, so good you want to eat her up.

A combinations of two words
MILF / Delicious

Rosie O'Donnell
Cecilia was looking way milfalicious today, and I still can't believe she had a baby less than a year ago.

Ms. Gutierrez was looking so milfalicious today when she was picking up her kids from daycare wearing her wife beater and cut offs. Them titties where just hanging out. Yum yum, give me some!
by -Roland- June 23, 2011
When a mom is so incredibly hot that you need an even stronger word to describe it that word is milfalicious
by Jonah pap May 31, 2021
Some moms are milfs and some moms are even hotter than what would normally be a milf, these moms are milfalicious
Dang bro coles mom is milfalicious
by Jonah pap May 31, 2021