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Poorly constructed Mexican knock-offs of large and strong American dildos. Can be identified by their mustard brown appearance with strange white blotches (indicative of either a poor paint job or some "factory testing" before shipping?) and by bending the mildo across the shaft, checking for stress fractures or tears. Inferior-quality dildos will tear down the length of the shaft, causing irritation and discomfort during use and they may even break off into the vagina or anus.

Just stick to American made dildos from mom & pop sex shops and you should be OK.
I bought this dildo from and it broke off in my ass. Stupid fucking mildos.
by JMouseguy November 20, 2011
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(adj.) a term used to define a person with a small penis, or a needler dick
I saw Fred naked and he has a mildo penis
by Bob Jim April 16, 2007
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Man's dildo, for insertion in the urethra. Generally smaller/thinner than a traditional dildo.
"Have you seen 'Kids in the Sandbox'? That mildo really reamed out that guys jap's eye."
by Horace October 27, 2004
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: A Mom I would like to do. Not as fine as a Milf but also not an ugly old bitch. A Mildo sits in the middle of the ranking system. A Mildo is normally only worth spotting on boring week nights or awkward occasions.
Eh, you see that Mommy over there? She aiiiiiiight. Bitch is a mildo.
by KBREMEDYZ May 20, 2010
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