To become annoyed; bothered; flustetered.

Often used sarcastically by downplaying someone's rage.
They're a bit miffed at you for stealing their car and driving it into the ditch.
by State of Miffment August 12, 2005
To be anoyed by someone
he is really miffing me off

He is really miffed off
by Ste and Stu January 11, 2004
when a girl or a guy is turned on by another person and tingles
Rose got a miff when James accidentally touched her hand.
by miffy May 1, 2014
Verb. Slang term. To make love or engage in sexual activity. Sometimes used to show wanting or desire.
"Miff me... roughly!"
by Smibbly January 24, 2008
and takes things that are dear to you

"Did you see that girl, she acted like such a know it all!"

"Shes SUCH a miff!"
by jujj August 29, 2008
This word is usually used o symbolise something that is REALLY gross...
Ew... that pile of cotch is so miff

Did you see that wart! Miffilistic! (that's a whole new word)
by xXJessXx March 10, 2007
Slang word for dust particles; usually seen in sunlight.
by Natty McGee March 11, 2008